Planning for a Special Needs Child or Adult

We at HHLGS recognize that the life lifetime needs of a Special Needs Child or Adult are multifaceted and may require various skilled professionals to address their specific challenges. Our ultimate goal is to assist families in providing the best quality of life possible with the resources and government programs available. As such, we have assembled a group of skilled professionals ready to assist in addressing the multitude of challenges confronting such families both short and long-term.

We can assist you in addressing many of the questions and concerns that confront you, such as:

What Government Programs are Available?

Our specialized and knowledgeable team, including an experienced Health Care Coordinator can assist you in determining the availability and eligibility of appropriate government programs. Throughout the years, the need of your loved one changes as the availability of government programs. We may also be of service to you in advocating for certain benefits, should the need arise.

What Estate Planning and Special Needs Trusts are indicated?

The firm of Helwig, Henderson, LaMagna, Gray & Spinola, LLP is experienced in all facets of Estate and Special Needs Planning including the use of Special Needs Trusts, Guardianships and other planning for the Special Needs Family. Special Needs Trusts are essentially designed to preserve assets intended for the person in need, without losing the government benefits to which they be entitled. In addition, as the child reaches adult, Guardianships are often utilized so that the intended person can continue to make health care and financial decisions for the loved one who lacks the capacity to do so. We will work with parents and loved ones who wish to contribute to the wellbeing of a loved one so as to preserve the government programs and assets for the benefit of their loved one.

What Happens when I’m gone??

Parents of loved ones often face the eventuality that they may not be there to protect the loved one forever. Proper Estate Planning and choice of Trustees and Guardians are all integral of this. Estimating the lifetime needs and potential cost are difficult, but critical. A family may consider appropriate ways to fund this and consult with financial and/or life insurance advisors.

We off a team approach, if you choose, in the firm belief that communication and coordination of these entities will ensure to the benefit of you loved one and provide him/her with the best Quality of Life possible.

If you need help with Special Needs Planning, please contact us today.